CEP Sales is a manufacturer’s representative firm that specializes in custom engineered products. CEP has been a family-owned and operated business for over 40 years. The founder, Wayne A. Kroemer, entered private sales in 1977 after a 20-year career working with independent representatives at Phelps Dodge and officially incorporated Custom Engineered Parts, Inc. in 1981 in Zionsville, Indiana, a small suburb of Indianapolis. At that time, CEP had 2 employees, Wayne and his wife, Barbara, who handled the daily administrative and office duties. They cultivated strong relationships with several of our flagship suppliers, many of whom we still represent 40 years later.

Within a couple of years, Wayne’s oldest son Bill and son-in-law Darcey Elmore joined the firm and helped to expand the business into Illinois, Ohio, and Tennessee. In the early 1990’s, CEP Inc. expanded again as Wayne begin eyeing retirement, adding his other son, Kurt Kroemer, and son-in-law, Gary Coval.

In 1995, Wayne sold the business to his sons and sons-in-law and CEP Sales, Inc. was born. Wayne’s daughters, Ellen Coval &Anne Elmore, took over administrative duties.
From 1995 to 2015, the four partners grew the business into a multi-million dollar sales firm.  The customer base expanded as well, with customers in 27 different US States along with sales into 5 other countries.

In 2015, the partners began preparations to take CEP Sales into the future with a 3rd generation of salesmen. As Bill Kroemer and Darcey Elmore retired, CEP Sales brought on 5 new salesmen (Case Roberts in 2015, Josh Valentine and Bruno Cosentino in 2017, Cory Hernandez in 2019, and Zach Schroeder in 2020) to transition the company into the next generation and continue CEP’s history of outstanding sales and service our customers.

CEP Sales specializes in all types of custom metal parts - including castings, forgings, springs, and machined components, as well as a full line of industrial product identification and membrane switches. Our goal is to help customers find the optimal manufacturing process and supplier for their custom engineered parts.